Greek breakfast

Different kinds of delicious bread, from multigrain and rye to baguettes, breadcrumbs and crackers, seasonal fruits, Greek pies, a variety of Greek cheeses, such as the local krasotyri, spoon sweet tomato from Kos, pure honey from the Dodecanese islands, eggs, dry nuts, home-made jams, yogurt of various types and refreshing juices. This is the rich buffet offered daily by «Kos Aktis» hotel to all its guests and has won the certification of «Greek Breakfast» since 2012.

In a quiet and welcoming place, right in front of the sea, travelers enjoy their morning meal and coffee listening to the sounds of the waves and watching the seagulls making their first morning strolls onto the blue sky. If it's summer, you may sit outside, enjoying the sun and the breeze coming through the sea, cooling your face. In the winter, take a seat behind the glass doors, listen to the soft music and watch the sun playing colorful games with the clouds. Every season, regardless of the weather, breakfast in «H2O» is the perfect way to start your day.

Monday - Sunday
07:30 - 11:00
Breakfast available
in the room
Includes coffee
External guests
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