Our Team

Welcome to Divine Hotels! We are a family business that manages hotels, a number of various kinds of accommodations, restaurants and spa resorts in the Kos Island since the 60’s. We believe that life is an eternal journey of self-discovery, so every traveler needs inspiring and inviting places to relax. For this, we have established our Divine Hotels group, a chain of touristic businesses that offers every traveler the chance to experience authentic Greek philoxenia.

With quality as our primary goal, we aim in developing alternative forms of tourism that effectively highlight the unique advantages of our region, while creating new job opportunities. With respect towards tradition in every local society, with sustainability as our guide and with coordinated actions of solidarity towards all people around us, we continue to be optimistic.

The purpose of Divine Hotels group is to always offer inviting and inspiring places to all travelers. All our partners, whether permanent or external, share the same code of values. They believe in lifelong learning, embracing new information and knowledge, they keep opening their horizons, they are guided by integrity, they promote sustainability, they insist on courtesy and they are all inspired by ancient Greek hospitality in order to offer all travelers a memorable customer service. They are all Divine.

Board of Directors

Ioulia Vassiliou - Pouliou

Vice President and Managing director of Divine Hotels
Nikos Pouliou

Dimitra Maria Vassiliou - Pouliou
Dione Alkistis Vassiliou - Pouliou

Michalis Hatzistergos - Chief Financial Officer of Divine Hotels
Iosif Chatzimichail - IT & Web Designer at Divine Hotels
Sakis Kaliotzis - Executive Chef at Divine Hotels

External Partners
Stella Mourtou - Graphic Design Divine Hotels
Vasilis Vogatzas - Quality Assurance Manager Divine Hotels

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